December 01, 2017

Our Oldest Oldies: Part 3 - Lukita

It's sad and distressing when any dog is mistreated, dumped and abused in whatever way. But it is especially upsetting when that dog is an oldie, a dog that should be passing it's later years in comfort and surrounded by love. And yet these sweet characters somehow haven't lost their faith in humankind, however sad they are and whatever their past experiences.

Poor Lukita hadn't known any love. He had been owned by a woman who, for whatever reason, passed him on to her mother who thought he was dirty and kept him tied up on a patio. She found him so disgusting that she only touched him when wearing gloves. She brought him to us.

Poor little boy, he's over 12 years old. He's an old sweetie, no trouble at all and so grateful for the love and cuddles he gets from us. Who would like to scoop him up, hug him and take him home so he can live out his life in comfort and loved and cherished as he so richly deserves.

To find out more about this sweet fellow, please click on his name.

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