December 16, 2017

He was spotted by Victor, one of our people, ... He was visiting friends with his girlfriend and were on their way home again when they noticed this poor fellow in the middle of the highway, perilous, all the more so because in Spain no one or almost no one stops, ... Miraculously they got the help of a few other drivers in the rescue of this Galgo, ... One of the thousands of Galgos left to its fate, or run away from hell, escaping from a hunter, ... Victor, which is the name we gave him, after his  savior, moved further away and in panic .... how could he carry one, it was unbelievable. For when they could finally catch him he was completely exhausted, he could go on no longer, his paws were completely raw, his body full of wounds from God knows what, ... Where he has lived and what he has experienced, he can not tell us.  He is quiet and afraid and must have come from very far, ... He is saved now, his world is in our hands, it will take time and patience, adaptability and especially surrounded by people who want to give him that opportunity, ... Slowly but surely he will be able to leave the past behind, ...

For more information about Victor - please click here.

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