February 14, 2014

The youth of today .....

You often hear people complain about young people today. But there as many fabulous youngsters and not nearly so many difficult and unkind ones as some newspapers would have us believe.  While I have read some reports that say that this young man, Gus Kenworthy, is only doing it for the publicity, I would rather believe that he has a kind heart and loves animals.

Gus is 22 years old and is competing in the Winter Olympics in Sochi. He loves animals and when he found four puppies with their mother, cowering under a tent outside the media centre, he couldn't leave them there. He's tweeted that he is doing everything he can, arranging for them to have their injections. It's reported that he has already found homes for them in the USA.

Even if he does get some good publicity from his actions, what's the harm in that? It's a win-win. It's also worth remembering that to get where he has done in his sport, you have to be hardworking and dedicated. I for one am very grateful to him for his kind and loving action.

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