February 15, 2014

Guper is missing - please, please help find him.

Important message for anyone in the vicinity of Rotterdam Airport

Our beloved Guper has gone missing.

Yesterday afternoon, 14th February, Guper escaped while being handed over at Rotterdam Airport.
Guper is a brown dog, 4 years old and 46 cm high and has a collar on and a lead.

He is a very frightened doggie, so if you see him stay very still and quiet and try to coax him with some kibble. If you try and chase him you will scare him away.

This really is heartbreaking. Guper is one of our long-stayers. A sweet dog who, until now, has always been overlooked. He appeared on this blog on November 16th, in an effort to find him the forever home he so needs and deserves. This is his chance of happiness, poor little fellow. So please, if you are anywhere near the airport, please, please keep a lookout for him.

We are hoping and praying that he is found. Some of you may remember Stefan, another scared doggie, who escaped on arrival, in the midst of the coldest winter. He was missing for weeks and we had secretly given up hope. And he was found - the clever boy had found a barn and shelter. A friendly farmer had spotted him and given him food. We are all praying that Guper, like Stefan, will be found.  I will update here when I hear anything.

The authorities have been alerted. If you have seen Guper, or even better, if you have managed to catch him please phone our representative in the Netherlands, Elvira, on 06-46 38 61 68.

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