February 21, 2014

Another week of progress and problems ...

Poor old Chaco - so patient and gentle and so badly in need of a home of his own.

On her blog, on 19th February, Ineke relates the week just passed. Even more kittens were dumped, this is happening more and more. They are beautiful cats, with such sweet characters and we hope we can find good homes for them.

Our little Melleke had emergency treatment to try to revive him. We couldn't even find a vein, he was a living skeleton. There's still a long way to go but we hope that the little darling may be saved.

Our Oca had surgery on a massive tumor that we were able to remove. It has all gone well and she is recovering beautifully in the warm clinic. She has made friends with our old Chaco, who was attacked by several dogs this week. He always seems to be a target, is often attacked and hardly defends himself.  

It was a busy week. Lots of problems every day, but a great deal achieved as well. A happy week for that alone. To see some of week in photos, see Ineke's video on the Dutch blog. The captions are in Dutch but you don't really need to understand the words as the pictures tell the story.

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