June 14, 2023

Maurice is a big softie!

 Wednesday 14th June, 2023

Like Staffies, people often judge Rottweilers by their appearance. They are big and strong and their aloof attitude leads people to think they are difficult dogs. Quite the opposite - a properly raised Rottie will be calm and confident and loyal and a great family dog. And despite their apparent stand-offishness, they are playful and can be downright silly - something that endears them to people who love them. 

Our beautiful Maurice loves to play, as you'll see in the little video on his page. He's been with us now for two years and would blossom in a forever home. He is not a beginner's dog - and certainly knowledge of the breed would help, and experienced owners. Is that you? Would you love to give Maurice all the love he needs?

For more information about our Maurice, please click on his name.

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