June 12, 2023

Beautiful party in support of our four legged friends

Monday 12th June, 2023

Saturday afternoon, 10th June,  there was a beautiful party organized at Restaurante La Sierra in Mijas

It was heartwarming to see all these people again, who were there for our four-legged friends! Everyone was happy and everyone joined in full force. Also my almost 90-year-old mum was there again in Spain after 8 years, together with my sister and brother-in-law, but without Dirk and that remains enormously difficult.

We organize as much as we can to stay straight, the costs for more than 500 dogs and 200 cats are heavy to bear and few people realize how much it costs to keep all this running without help from the government. This fun afternoon raised a total of 2675 euros, which gives us another nice boost!

I thank everyone for this nice afternoon, and especially our Spanish PR team for their efforts and the organization, not to mention Restaurante La Sierra!!!

For the video, please see https://youtu.be/Lgg1naVit_s

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