May 01, 2022

In Memoriam Lana ... our 'database dog' and Han's beloved soulmate.

Sunday 1st May 2022

Lana, a rescued Podencote adopted from us, passed away today from her owner. Pain, sadness and emptiness... that is what you feel when they pass away from us.

A farewell that always comes too soon even though she was almost 16 years old. She was the darling of Han, our strong force behind our database. Thanks to Lana's adoption we met Han 16 years ago and since then he is the one who created, looks after and maintains the database.

Lana, thanks to you thousands of dogs found a home and today we cannot imagine life without our database. Thanks to you.

Thank you for this adoption Han, your Lana, and as you put it so nicely:

They say, you get the dog you need. That WAS Lana. I learned a lot from her... She was my soul...

We are very sorry for your loss Han, we all feel the same... But for sure she is sitting on your shoulder like a little angel, forever. 

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