April 28, 2022

Fabienne's Diary: Our Bobientje is no more...

 Wednesday 27 April 2022

This morning we had to let go our Bobientje, after she lost her senses.

Who was Bobientje?

A broodbred bitch that came to us already heavily psychologically disturbed, extremely afraid and extremely special. In the beginning, and 4 years later still, she was heavily traumatised. She had lost her trust in people because of her hard time with the breeder. It is unbelievable what those people do to animals. And Bobientje was a sad example of that.

How I hate the breeders. With our Bobientje we have yet another sad experience.  For years she was happy in her own way, with us she was free and could do whatever she wanted. We still couldn't cuddle her, except when we were lying quietly in bed at night, then she had confidence, but you couldn't stand up. No matter how hard we tried and how much we loved her, she did love us but in her own way. 

Our little, big rascal, who was completely confused psychologically, was still a part of our hearts, just like all the dogs at home, who finally found love and rest in our midst. We will miss you... You were a wounded soul, but we loved you no matter what...

Rest in peace now sweetheart. Never out of our hearts, but far too early to go...

Bobientje with her friend Jules.

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