October 29, 2017

Our oldest oldies : Part 1 - Ella and El Gordo

Our oldest oldies need warm homes and lots and lots of love

We love all our dogs. We worry about all our dogs. But some give us special concerns. The puppies usually get adopted quickly. Also young dogs also, though not always. Our handicapped dogs often find home more speedily than you'd think. All thanks to the compassion and love of our adopters.

Among those that cause us most concern are the long-stayers. The last one of a litter of puppies that sees his or her brothers and sisters leave for a new life but somehow, unaccountably, remains with us. Similrly, we worry about the dog who has been pampered and loved in a warm home and suddenly finds him or herself in a shelter. Though with us they get love as opposed to those poor unfortunates who end up in a killing station. I will try to highlight some of our long stayers soon. They are close to my heart.

And then there are the oldies. Almost inevitably, these are among those who have known the comfort of a home. Not necessarily, though. For among them are some who have spent their lives on the end of a chain, or subject to endless abuse in a gipsy encampment or at the hands of hunters. We have over forty dogs at the moment who middle aged or approaching old age, and I will hope to highlight these too. This time however, I'm going to present you with all our darlings who are over ten years old, some considerably older.

However, since it's taking a long time to write a post with all of our older oldies on, I will do them a few at a time.

Ella is eleven years old, a quiet and sweet girl, a darling. At the moment she is living happily in fostercare with our Isabellike with lots of other dogs, large and small, but she needs and deserves her very own forever home. Who will love Ella for the rest of her old life.

El Gordo

Dumped in killing station aged 11. What a terrible fate for a kind old dog who has never done any harm to anyone. Luckily we were able to rescue this darling Pitbull. He's the very soul of goodness. Gets along with every type of dog and can be placed with children, he's so gentle. A very cuddly boy who needs a family to love him in his old age.


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