October 15, 2017

Our Beagles.

We all know how these innocent, defenseless dogs, and so many other animals, come into the hands of laboratories.

We were able to save a few from the university of Cordoba - 4 of them were lucky enough to come into our hands, thanks to a vet who wanted to give them a bit of hope after years of being used for testing. 
Xantos, Denise, Remy and Zander are saved. In the beginning they were in shock but we are all so surprised at how well they have adjusted.
How they come up to us for a nice cuddle and are immensely thankful for every cuddle, every pet on the head... they are beginning to play, are going to the play field with the other dogs... it was a surprise how happy they still can be.

Denise, the female is the most timid one, but she is happy to cling onto you, the tail wags so hard once she knows you. 

The boys were more assertive - happy characters. It will be really worth it to give one of them a warm basket. Beagles are lovely dogs, always in a good mood and they will make you smile everyday. Whatever happens in your life, they will always be there with their funny ways. They have good characters, are ocassionally a bit stubborn but even that can be discussed...

Also Einstein, Tango and Yerik are still waiting for their golden baskets... everyone a true sweetheart. Give one of them a chance... they are the most thankful sweethearts...

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