October 05, 2013

So sweet, so tender .... but destined for the killing station.

Puppies are cute. Puppies are cuddly. Puppies grow up and become dogs - of all sizes and colours and types. Big, small, black, brown, white, multicoloured. They grow up and a few have loving families. Others are mistreated, abandoned or taken to the killing station. Even puppies go to the killing station.

Every day people come to us with puppies - please take them, it's the last chance. If you don't they are going to the killing station. Every week, day after day, we find puppies dumped at our gates, in the garbage, or born on the street.

We can't help all these puppies, all these pregnant mothers. We help as many as we can. We'd love to save them all. But all the will in the world is not enough.

There is a very simple solution. It's not expensive. All it needs is a change of heart and mindset.

Sterilise your bitches and your dogs. It doesn't hurt them. The only reason you won't do it is from pride, custom.  Is that worth all the misery when the solution is there, staring you in the face? We'll help. Just do it.

With thanks to Ineke for the pictures from the Dutch Blog.

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