October 13, 2013

Beloved Jerzy - miracles happen

Darling little Jerzy was one of the first dogs I got to know over two years ago on my first visit to El Refugio. That was in May 2011. I went again in October that year and Jerzy was again in the laundry area, running about happily. I had discovered that he was incontinent, which meant he could not be adopted. In May this year I sought him out. We had lots of cuddles and tummy rubs. He was as sweet and affectionate as ever. But still incontinent. Still in the refuge because of it.

It didn't seem as if he could ever have a golden basket and I was so sad to leave him. A few weeks after I got home I thought I heard that he had been adopted, but how? Had his problem been solved? How? Where was he? My lovely friend Maries saw my piece about him on the blog a few months ago and wrote to give me the news. Lovely Jerzy has indeed been adopted. He has his very own loving home with a brilliant lady called Inge and now lives in Belgium with her. He is very happy and has a new name - Vieni.

Inge is an angel. She's his guardian angel. She has strategies to deal with his incontinence - special nappies and an incontinence band at night (so he only has to wear them some of the time). She has looked after his gummy ears and his teeth and, because he drags his little back legs and wears out his nails, she has fitted special little boots for when they go out walking.

Inge tells about how sensitive and affectionate he is - and I can confirm that. Such a sweet nature. At night he sleeps by her side. She loves him so much and has no regrets at all, even though his problem means more work. Such a happy ending for such a special little fellow. With love and grateful thanks from all of us to Inge and of course to all our loving, hard working and generous adopters and foster families.

Day One - not sure about this yellow thing.

All cleaned up, with my special pee pad.

I wear my nappy twice a day. It's cool.

 Walking with my special boots to protect my feets.

I love my new family. I'm such a lucky boy.

Sweet dreams - home at last.

A sight we thought we'd never see. So happy.

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