November 30, 2011

Will you help to keep us snug and warm?

    Spoti models his smart new raincoat

   Last May there was a near disaster.  A tremendous, almost unprecedented storm. Torrential rain swamped the Refugio, bringing mud sliding down the sides of the hill and into the kennels, the cages, the clinic, the laundry, the office, the storerooms – it was everywhere.  We lost all our medical supplies, blankets, food and equipment.  Some poor dogs, already weak, suffered from hypothermia and didn’t make it.  It was the saddest of times.  But heartwarming too, as literally hundreds of wonderfully kind people rallied round.  They brought vanloads of food, of medicine and bedding. They came with brooms and generators to help clear up the mess. They took some of the dogs into their homes, to help calm them, to give us space to finish the clean up. 

 Could you help us keep warm and dry this winter? Please. Would you?

     But now winter’s fast approaching.  And in Spain that means more rain.  Lots of it. We’re praying we don’t have a storm like in the spring.  Nevertheless we need to keep the dogs dry throughout the winter, and would be grateful for some help in the form of raincoats for the dogs.  We have warm coats and coverings, but when it rains these get soaked.  Already we’ve had generous people send us raincoats for the dogs. Would you like to donate some too – for big dogs, small dogs and in-between dogs?  It doesn’t matter whether you can offer just one coat or ten, twenty – or more.  Or a donation, earmarked for raincoats.  If you’d like to help, please click on ‘How can you Help’ or ‘About ACE – Treasurer’ on the website. We’d be very grateful. So would Spoti and his companions.

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