November 28, 2011

The Three Musketeers

                                                                    Huggy Hardy
There they stood in the hot sun, the Three Musketeers, tied to the gates of the Refugio. No one knew who had left them there, no one knew why.  No one knew their history.   We called them Laurel, Hardy and Champ. Two years later, two long years of waiting and there came great news. Beautiful Hardy, the huggiest dog in the world, had found his golden basket.  And a few months later it was gentle Laurel’s turn. But poor Champ is still waiting. 

                                                                   Gentle Laurel

     He looked on as one by one his companions jumped into the car, on their way to a new life. And still he watches, very day, as luckier dogs leave for the airport – many of them have barely arrived and they are off already. Poor brave Champ has been at the Refugio for over two years now.  His sad eyes say ‘When will it be my turn? Who will help me? I so want someone of my own to love.’ He’s young, he’s good the other dogs, he loves humans.  Would you give Champ the best Christmas present ever – his own family at last? Who will take this beautiful Christmas present of a dog and make their family compete?


                               Brave lonely Champ, still hoping for that special Christmas present

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