June 18, 2022

Fabienne's diary: Amber, yet another care dog,...


Wednesday 15 June 2022

Amber is a (mini) Labrador in heart and soul, and the most adorable doggie you can imagine but... her life started in the breeding business, and what they have done with her, God knows. She came in as a big wreck with a lot of medical problems. She is incontinent and has a huge limp. Further examination by the traumatologist showed that she had a torn cruciate ligament in her right knee. There is no other option than to operate on her, but this of course involves a considerable price tag!

Amber knows nothing but nothing, her life consisted only of a cage and producing a litter every fertile period, and that in very poor conditions. She was full of wounds and had everywhere something that was hurt, she has a (big) permanent scar on her head as if she had been hit on the head. Despite her sad background, Amber is the sweetest dog you can find, a thoroughly good dog, who is social and resigned. 

Amber is a rescue dog for people who can handle it; you won't regret her character but the medical care is pretty intense. We want so much for her to be happy but who will take care of her, that is always a big question?In the mean time we give her what we can!

For more information about sweet Amber, please click on her name.

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