May 09, 2018

Our puppies are adorable - and they all need is a warm, loving home.

Taysa, Toni, Taro, Teo and Tea are great cross Labrador / Sharpei puppies, each waiting  to fly to their golden basket.They may have been born in sad or difficult circumstances and while their mothers will know what was going on, these dear innocent pups don't remember. They are too tiny. So they play and frolic as puppies do. But a refuge is no place for pups. They need warm loving homes - will you open your heart and house to one of these dear ones?

Information about Taysa can be found here.
Information about Toni can be found here

Information about Taro can be found here

Information about Teo can be found here *

Information about Tea can be found here

* Teo is already reserved, such good news. So now, who will give the others warm loving homes?

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