April 01, 2018

A foster home or better yet a diamond basket wanted for this sweetheart !!!!

foto van Denise van der Net.

Dear Brandon! Now more than 2 months in foster care, where he stays in a pack. A fun, playful, dog, actually a puppy. Jumping, biting (very softly) and going crazy. He was never allowed to be a puppy, because just a few months old he found himself in the killing station. The only thing he knows is fear, especially fear of man.

What happened to him? We will never know. What I do know is that he is very capable of trusting one person. It takes a while, but then it is also okay. Strangers remain scary for him. Dogs are his friends. Clean? No, but he pees and pees nicely on the towel that is in the room here. He just does not dare to do it outside. Walking is great fun, but also very exciting, so he can sometimes pull. Fortunately he does not jump from left to right. He only has one gear: straight ahead!

Brandon, there's probably a boss somewhere for you who understands you and accepts you the way you are. You deserve someone like that !!! You are so sweet and handsome !!!

Original text: Three brothers and two sisters who were rescued from a killing station at the tender age of just four months old ... Brandon, Qiwi, Rufino, Brenda and Almendra have stayed with us ever since with Isabelleke, a Spanish foster mum. They play with the other dogs to their heart's content and are very curious. Brandon is very sweet with people, but also a bit timid, quiet and shy. He does not dare to ask for attention because he believes that is not allowed, but he quickly thaws once he feels that you mean well with him. This beautiful hunter is a real play bird, smart and eager to learn. He would do best with children because they would be good playmates for him. Another friendly dog in his new home would be appropriate, because he can learn from him or her. Who wants to give this beautiful boy a permanent home where he can still learn a lot and become very happy?

foto van Denise van der Net.

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