March 26, 2012

Giotto - sweet little bear, longing for a home of his own

Look at that sweet little bear face.

This touchingly beautiful dog, a small Podenco called Giotto, was thrown over the wall of the former dog pound at Algeciras, simply because he wasn't a good hunter.  Just if he' was a piece of dirt, instead of a scared, sweet little dog. He's safe now but he's so sad. He needs a home of his own. He's cuddled and cared for, but there's nothing he needs more than his very own warm basket, his very own loving family. He's a quiet little soul, so quiet he gets overlooked. Who is going to rescue this sweet chap and love him the way he deserves?

                                    How he loves his cuddles - he so deserves them.

Giotto is a Podenco, he's only 4 years old and just 40cm high. 
Reference 2367 - Algeciras Protectorat 

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