August 06, 2020

Virtual cycling for ACE

Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Since July 14, 2020 I have been cycling for ACE on my bicycle home trainer. I needed an incentive to get on the exercise bike as often as possible per week and then cycle in a sweat so that I can boost my fitness level. I found that incentive in the fact that I sponsor myself with € 0.10 per kilometer and that sponsor money goes to ACE.

During a typical cycling session I cycle for 5 minutes, then I cycle a 20-minute program. (There are 12 programs on the exercise bike, the program I determine with the help of a dice, so that I do not secretly take the easiest program every day) and after the program I cycle for 5 minutes. So that's 30 minutes together.

And now I have cycled 250 km since 14-7 and I will now transfer € 25.00 as a donation to ACE. In the meantime my condition has improved a bit, so that is going in the right direction. A real win-win situation seems to me, myself moving and you getting a donation!

We have 2 ACE dogs here at home, Surah and Baya. (We chose those names because I was born some time ago in Surabaya, Indonesia). I also virtually adopted a dog, Tari, who is staying with you.

As soon as I have cycled 250 km on the bicycle home trainer  € 25.00 will come your way again.

In the photo left Surah, right Baya.



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