August 29, 2020

Born in the wild

Friday, August 28, 2020

Thousands and thousands of feral kitties starve, are driven to their death or die of deprivation. Wild births and wild births, and then even more. We do a thousand sterilisations and castrations per year for these colonies, we are working hard on this. Only yesterday our vet Wayne did 18 in one day including 11 pregnant cats. At 11 pm yesterday evening he was still operating. We are not giving up but with the Corona now it is all very difficult, it all has to be paid for.

We take in kittens from colonies that seem to be tame and then find them happiness in a family. Who would like to help support us with a sterilisation or castration. We have fewer and fewer resources and it is getting heavier. Every life counts ... we only sterilize colonies where we know there are regular checks, both medical and nutritional - making sure that someone brings food daily and provides fresh water.

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