August 11, 2020

Almost on the way to Málaga / Mijas

Monday 10 August 2020

Hallo's to everyone,

Yesterday, Sunday, August 9, we took a long walk in the cool of the morning with our Chapar at the Koppenberg and Koppenbergbos. Known from the Tour of Flanders.
There were some sore muscles as a result. 🥵
Before Chapar went to my parents' house, I took a little walk with him.

It is temporary goodbye to Chapar, but it is a bit difficult. 😩😢 At the moment he will be the only dog ​​there because my parents dog Roefke has died. But when we return we will bring a dog from the Refugio. They are looking forward to it! They cannot bear to be without a dog and in the meantime another one has been rescued.

Also nice for us to be able to experience this. When we visit the Refugio I will also send some photos. My mom will also take care of our cat Minoush. I have also left food and drink in our wood shed for the street cats and for our daily visit of from 

The preparations are ready!
We hope for a safe Corona-free holiday!
Keep well and safe everyone !!!

Geraldine, Chris , Imogen , Chapar en Minoush (not in the photo.)

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