August 21, 2020

Fabienne's diary: Vera was hit by a car and this had far-reaching consequences, ...

Thursday 20 August 2020

Vera, a little Podenco from Andalucia, was a hunter's dog. She was considered good enough to give birth, and to hunt, but that was it. She was lucky to have an accident, it seems bad to say it but it is true . She was hit by a car, causing her serious injuries and a fracture. When she had to be taken to hospital and when therefore there could be possible costs, the owner came quickly to sign her away.  He ordered her to be put to sleep and that's when we intervened.

The vet wants her to have a full month of rest for the time being, then we will see whether she needs surgery or not, we now have to wait and see if she recovers on her own.

Vera is a small Podenco, lovely to cuddle, so sweet and endearing, and so funny to see. She has a sweet and timid character, that you can completely embrace, a Podenco Maneto.  A dog that will without a doubt put a smile on the face of her owner, with her funny sweet face, that's for sure. Because these are stars these Podencos.

For more information about Vera, please click on her name.

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