August 11, 2020

In memoriam Zimeon

Monday 10 August 2020

Today, 1 month ago on July 9th, our Shin dog “Zimeon” passed away, he turned 10 years and 3 months old. It all happened very quickly, acute kidney failure, they have tried a lot but without results. Our very alive, cheerful, social dog had become a sad, lifeless animal in the course of a few weeks. Very bad to see. After the heavy verdict that Zimeon only had a week more, we still had beautiful moments and were able to say goodbye with dignity.

“Zimeon”, street / greyhound cross, was our first Shin dog, he joined us in the fall of 2010.
He clicked with our other Belgian puppy “Bono” and a year later 2 more Shin-dogs were added “Moby” (Kazan) and “Salvador”, now our pack was complete.

“Zimeon” was always very active, fast, social to everyone's friend, easy to take anywhere, not afraid at all. He was the leader of the pack of four and now he's gone. Salvador and Bono manage without a leader, but Moby, who is older and almost completely deaf and blind, has lost his buddy.

“Zimi” you leave a void, but thank you for the wonderful time together.
Much love, from all of us, maybe see you later

Eva, Christophe, Raphael, Cezan and Evi

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