August 27, 2020


Wednesday 26 August 2020

Dear dog owners and animal lovers,
We are Stefanie and Lize and we visited the refugio for the first time in 2018. Since then, we have been happy to do our bit to support ACE / SHIN.

Covid-19 affects everyone, but also the refugio. That is why we started looking for ways to raise money now to give them a boost financially.

May we introduce you: THE DOGGYBAG! This is a tote bag with a nice quote and the beautiful logo of ACE / SHIN. We sell two variants, each for sale for 10 euros. They can be picked up in the surrounding area of ​​Halen, Leuven or Genk. Of course shipping (at your own expense) is also possible, both in Belgium and in the Netherlands.

You can order via:
You can deposit on: BE73 7360 7045 0760, in the name of Doggybag and please mention your own name.

Thank you very much in advance!
Lots of sweet greetings,
Lize & Stefanie

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