August 24, 2020

Fabienne's Diary: Chica, our first victim of the 2020 hunting season.

Monday, August 24, 2020

The hunting season is open again… The horror can begin for thousands of Podencos and Galgos and other hunting dogs. Our Chica is the first of so many. A month ago she was found somewhere in the interior, completely emaciated, extremely scared, full of ticks and other vermin, she could no longer stand on her feet.

It was heartbreaking to have to take care of yet another defenceless victim. She was anaemic from the many parasites that made use of her already so hopeless body. She weighed barely 10 kg, and was immediately admitted to the clinic, because here an urgent approach was needed.   Chica ... our first victim of the 2020 hunting season. And then we could just hope that she would stick to life.  And she did… Slowly she got better, responded well to the treatments and today she comes to you again wagging the tail. Step by step we are gradually getting there.

Chica is a social, sweet Podenco, she is good with cats and dogs, has a super sweet Podenco character. She is now also starting to become very active, like a real Podenco. She wants to run and walk, play and then enjoy lying on a soft bed.

She held on to life and now we want to give her a bright future. For more information about sweet
Chica, please click on her name.

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