August 22, 2020

Fabienne's Diary: Eherin's caretaker took her away whenever the killing day was due!

Friday, August 21, 2020

Eherin is a Galgoot who was very lucky. After she ended up in a killing station, where people sleep on the premises every week, one of the caretakers fell in love with her, and so she always escaped the day of death. The caretaker always took her for two days on the days they were putting the dogs to sleep, he said, because he wanted the best for that one Eherin. He took us aside and asked us to save her because he himself could not give her a good future. Eherin followed him closely, looked at him gratefully but in the end she was still in a killing station.

Eherin is very special and very sweet, a special dog, calm and super affectionate, a picture to see. She is social with other dogs, a bit reserved at first, but once she knows you she is your dog through and through. She has been saved from a terrible place, thanks to one of the caretakers who worked there. Who wants to assure this sweetheart, who has endured so much, a heaven on earth?

For more information about sweet Eherin, please click on her name.

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