August 23, 2020

Sol: Life can be so unfair

He came to us a young dog, not much more than a puppy really. And he's been with us ever since - five long years. 

Life can be so unfair - first you start badly being born a Podenco. A noble breed so badly used and abused by the farmers and hunters in this country. And that so many of your breed are dumped. You young life is miserable but it gets better when you are rescued and for that you are unfailingly grateful. Because you are a good dog. It's not your fault that you don't stand out from the others, that you are not specially pretty, that you are no longer a cute puppy. 

This dear dog is still with us. We love him, but five years is a long time to live in a shelter. Who would like to change the fortunes of this good dog and give him the loving life he deservers.

For more information about Sol, please click on his name. 

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