August 26, 2020

It's International Dog Day: please make it a special day for this sweet girl

She's been with us now since she was a puppy. Now she's four and longing for a new home. Who knows why some dogs find their golden baskets quickly and others don't? They sit on the website, getting further and further away from the first page every month, as new dogs come in and they go to the back of the queue. Not because they don't deserve a home and not because there is anything wrong with them. They are all good dogs. Very good dogs. Just unlucky. 

Since most of the adopters are from the Netherlands and Belgium, Wanka's name won't have been an issue. In England it is rather rude. But you can always change a name. And her name shouldn't stop this dear creature finding a loving home. Please if you would like to have a loving medium sized happy little companion in your home, please consider Wanka. 

For more information about Wanka, please click on her name. 

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