August 29, 2020

Gimiliana: don't let her grow old with us

Beautiful Gimiliana was saved from a truly horrible killing station (not that they aren't all terrible, but there are degrees, even so.) She is a cross but has some Sharpei traits, both  in appearance and in character. Very quirky, but very affectionate and loyal towards her owner! She is rather reserved towards strangers, but once she knows you, she'll go through fire for you! She can be very possessive about her food bowl, so we wouldn’t advice to place her with children. She is social with other dogs, but does not like too busy types. Gimiliana is a calm dog, but does need experienced dog owners. She doesn’t like being forced to do something, but if you respect her and give her her space, can you do anything with her! 

Gimiliana is eight and has been with us for three years. We want her to become an oldie in her own loving home, not in our shelter, much as we love her. She deserves the very best. For more information please click on her name, under her photo.

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