August 22, 2020

Sloeberke's flight, his arrival and introduction to his new owners from Sloeberke

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Last day in the refugio - he said goodbye to everyone and to Viktor who was his caretaker.

Sloeberke slept a lot during the first hour on the plane. The last hour was a bit too too much. But was fine. When we arrived at my parents' house, we first went to see Chapar who had stayed with my parents. When he calmed down a bit we went to get Sloeberke. Our mom and her twin sister, who was there, were very moved.

Daddy was already in bed.

But in the morning when my mom and dad got dressed, he barked at them.

Sloeberke sleeps in the bedroom, but this morning our mom couldn't find him.
He was sleeping in the living room between the 2 legs of the teddy bear in the armchair. It is already a rascal our Sloeberke, but well done! 😃
It is also fine with our Chapar. They leave each other alone, so that's a good sign too.
Sloeberke does not press for Chapar's attention and that is fine. Chapar has a harder time with overly enthusiastic dogs. He is a bit afraid of that.

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