August 27, 2020


Wednesday 26 August 2020

Aunt Britta has started the last 100km to our refugio in La Cala de Mijas this morning! She will arrive there tomorrow, and a well-known person who has not cycled for 20 years will cycle towards her the last km km So be sure to watch tomorrow!

So far, € 2,987 has been collected. That should be at least € 3,000 tomorrow! You can donate on BE21 7370 4881 6103, mention 'pedals4ace'. Do it for our 4-footers!

And our last competition question for our sponsors is still running: How many GRAMS of body weight has Aunt Britta lost since the start of the challenge on July 1 in Rommersom City, until arriving in Mijas on August 27?

Answers can be received until Sunday evening 30/08 midnight at
See you tomorrow in the refugio!

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