August 30, 2020

Farewell to Borsov ...

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Message from sad adoptive: "Tomorrow night (Friday) at 7 pm we have to make one of the most difficult decisions. We have to let you go at the age of 11, certainly not an easy decision. But we have to think about you. The last 2 years it went up and down. You started to struggle with a chronic inflammation of your ear, and you also had 2 brain attacks. Because you fought, you got well again.

When you came to us about 8 years ago I never thought we would become close friends. Your daddy was your best friend, and I was a side issue. Until 6 years ago I got sick myself at home, and we were together every day. I talked to you, and you always answered me in a nice, special way . How I have grown to love you ... With your real boxer character we had to laugh with you so much. The children could always cuddle you. You loved walking, and playing with the ball at home was your favourite activity.

But now you can't get up alone anymore, we have to help you walk, because you can no longer walk on your back legs. You don't want to eat or drink anymore. You indicate yourself that it was good. We hope we have given you a good 2nd life. We love to see you, but within a few days you will be back home. We are going to miss your snoring. Your little brother chocolate will certainly miss you too. You're good friend .... "

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