August 30, 2020

Vainilla (now Luna) has come home

She now accepts soft toys and loves my slippers.

When out for a walk, everything goes well, she's improving at the sight of cats and she barks at certain dogs, especially small dogs, she probably takes them for rabbits.
She is perfect with children.

In terms of her diet, we decided to give her kibble in the morning, she manages this well, she no longer gobbles. In the evening, an average portion of chicken, turkey, rabbit, fish, carrots, green beans, zucchini. Everything has been calculated by our veterinarian. Since then, she no longer demands food. And of course from time to time she gets treats and bone marrow. It suits her perfectly.

We are going to start dog training to improve her socialisation. We are excited.

Without a doubt, she brings life to our house, she gives us so much affection.

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