August 21, 2020

Diary of Fabienne: Quinten, too big to be saved.

Wednesday 19 August 2020

He was sitting in one of the cages in the killing station, staring ahead. As we walked past that one one of the cruel men who worked there said that he would certainly never come out again, as if he had committed a serious crime . Just look, he said, what a calf, so big, who wants that to walk into his house? That did it, the 'calf' came with us.

At first he didn't believe it was happening. He was extremely thin and his ears were covered with blood from the flies and insects that were constantly on them. There are days when no one comes to the killing station at all, then the dogs have neither food nor drink. What a hell these dogs and cats have to go through. The testimonies you hear make your heart stop.

Quinten came along with us, together with his cellmate, both two very sweet, gentle bears, who would not harm a fly. He is now recovering, little by little,. He is a big boy, very tall, but not an obtrusive jumper, very friendly and noble. He must live in a house with a garden, because he needs space due to his large stature.

Quinten is going to be a beautiful whopper, just wait, and he needs an owner who can be active with his upbringing and, above all, can give a lot of hugs, - then this mission will also be successful. Who will go for our handsome boy with his beautiful amber eyes ?
For more information about handsome Quinten, please click on his name.

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