August 02, 2020

Lucia: the fortune and misfortune of being a Podenco

This is Lucia. Just look at those intelligent, soulful eyes. She's not a pure Podenco, but a cross Podenco. That might have been what saved her, who knows. For Podencos, used by Spanish farmers for hunting are perhaps the most abused and disdained of dogs, in this country at least. 

We don't know her full story but what will be certain is that is won't have been a happy one. She will however have the Podenco characteristics of loyalty and kindness. She has been with us for four years and she is five and a half years old now. So she will have come to us as an adolescent.

For more information about her character, get in touch with the Refugio, all the contact details are on the website. For basic information, please click here.

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