August 04, 2020

Kobus (Ace Bob)

Monday, August 3, 2020

Hereby an email from us. Kobus is still enjoying life to the fullest. In good weather we like to go to the beach in the evening. On the long leash because despite his old age he likes to go after the gulls. If they fly low overhead, he will bark rebelliously at them.

He now really enjoys standing in the water. And then preferably to roll soaking wet through the sand. But the best part is to sit with his sandy body on you or your towel. You see him really enjoy it so intensely and so we enjoy it too.

But like all dogs with age come defects. Kobus sees badly, but so far his mood is not affected at all.

What I also really like is that my brother has just adopted a dog from abroad. Our positive experiences with our foreigners certainly contributed to this. In any case, a warm greeting from all of us. We hope that these beautiful stories of your dogs motivate and spice you up when the work you do gets done.

Herewith pictures of our last beach outing and of the kobus who missed me so much after 5 days that he immediately jumped on my lap.

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