August 06, 2020

Fabienne's Diary:Grace and Cornetto, together on death row...

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

                           Cornetto                                                                       Grace

It was full, and full and full.  Many big ones and many all together, each hoping for that one saving hand. When you are small you are always lucky, or you get a great home, but you will not be left behind a death row, that very seldom happens… But Cornetto and Grace, they sat there together and looked at us, not knowing how to behave, unsure but still with hope in their eye. Cornetto more than Grace, because Grace sat in the back , knowing that she had little chance. But she and Cornetto just touched my heart.

Cornetto a friendly, just a sweet dog, and Grace a Shepherd mix, not the youngest anymore. When we put them in our car, with a clean fresh cloth under them, a clean cage, with people who loved them, they became both of them silent. A world of difference but one that is important.  It should be your world. Grace moaned softly and could not believe that they were both allowed to be with us, the good defenseless soul that was dumped by her owner , given up and left to die in that killing station.

Today we are a few weeks further on and what stars they are. Sweet and friendly, there is no harm  in them at all. They are grateful to be saved and dream a little more every day of what can come tomorrow: a boss who makes them happy.

For more information about Cornetto, please click on his name.
For more information about Grace, please click on her name

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