August 08, 2020

Do you remember our two special bears, Smiley Face and Sloef ...



Sloef is going home. Please don't let Lachebekje be left behind.

In June I wrote about the rescue of Lachebekje and Sloef, two special beautiful bears. They were very lucky as the van was nearly full - and they were both big bears. But Carla and Fabienne just couldn't go without them. And so they went home in the van to the Refugio. And what treasures of dogs they are. What a lovely hugs, big and a bit clumsy, but you just look at them and that whole body is already shaking with friendship. 

The male, we called him Sloef, is now in pre reservation, which is absolutely wonderful. But the dear female, who we called Lachebekje, which means smiley face because she laughs when you talk to her, has yet to be reserved. Please don't let her be left behind. Like her best friend she is of good character friendly and so lovely. Just imagine having that smiley face in your home just loving you and loving you forever. 

For more information about dear Lachebekje, please click on her name.


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