August 08, 2020


Friday 7 August 2020

Aunt Britta is now virtually in Spain, and she has to deal with Spanish temperatures. She is currently in Buberos, 1,405 km away. Just less than 800 km to go to the refugio in Mijas. Somewhere in between, she will bump into fellow cyclist and SHIN volunteer Ann.

Now the 2nd competition question for all sponsors:
At what milestone are Ann and Aunt Britta going to meet?
Attention: Kilometers to be counted from the starting point in Rommersom.
Answers can be received until Tuesday evening 11/08 at

Sponsors can still pay € 1 per km on account number BE21 7370 4881 6103, in the name of ACE | SHIN with mention Pedal4Ace. Currently you have already contributed € 1,762, great! The proceeds go entirely to our dogs, who also have to brave the heat for a long time.
Gracias and Hasta Luego!

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