November 21, 2015

Whatever happened to poor little Nene?

Nene - small and defenceless

Nene is a small dog and a little dog - barely four months old and weighing only four kilos.
He was spotted on the street, totally covered with dirt and in agony. A Spanish family finally managed to catch him, brought him to us.

For the first few days he cried and screamed, if you even just looked at him? What happened to him? Why is he like this? Who knows? Even when we walked by his cage, he cried out!

Now, after a few weeks with us, he has become a different dog. He has discovered and understood that we love him and want the best for him.

So small and already so severely abused! Why have a dog at all then? Just don't have a dog, leave them alone unless you are sincere and mean well and care for them.

They haven't asked to be with you! You choose them, and for a lifetime contract. When you take on a dog you are responsible for it for all of its life. This is a serious, important and life long commitment that you are enter into.

Once you come into their lives, they will never leave you. They offer you lifelong friendship and loyalty. Please do not embark on this journey if you are not sure. Because for them there is no way back. If you abandon them, it means suffering for them, misery and often death.

Please do not play with this. They are not toys.

Nene was lucky that she came to us. Dogs like Nene will never be able to tell you what they have suffered in their short life. But her next owner will be the winner.


                       Safe now!                                                       A lick of gratitude. 

I wonder what's down there. I wonder who my new mum will be.

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