November 15, 2015

Baltimore needs a foster home urgently ...

... even better, an adopter.

Beautiful Balti

Baltimore had a stroke of luck. This handsome guy was found on the street, more dead than alive, because he was suffering from severe heatstroke. He spent three days in the clinic and, thank God, he survived. We have a strong suspicion that Baltimore was thrown out the window of a car because for the first time we took him back to the Refugio in our car, he was shivering with fear. 

Balti is a beautiful Catalan shepherd dog and when you read descriptions of the breed you will find that they are completely true. Balti is very intelligent and friendly, very cheerful and extremely loyal to "his boss." This is also reflected in the fact that he tolerates other dogs. However if "his boss" pays attention to the other dog or dogs, he becomes jealous. He then tries to manoevre himself back to the to be the centre of attention.

Baltimore likes to go hiking and is tireless. Catalan shepherds are naturally alert, with Balti this is not so much to guard his territory as to protect 'his family'. Balti is a lovely dog, one in a thousand. Whoever has him as their dog will get infinite love and friendship. He really deserves a home where he can come into his own: where he can really be at home and where he can make a lot of nice walks with his new family.

Balti is a great family dog, he is good with kids, walks without problems regardless of where it is, likes to ride in the car (with our help he has got over his initial fears), does not pull on the leash, doesn't bark unnecessarily and doesn't dig up the garden! He'll be happy to carry on for hours, to walk or you can just sit with him on a terrace. He'll love it all - smile, smile, smile. He's like the ideal dog you'd choose from a catalogue.

The only downside is that Balti really cannot get along with cats and he does not like sharing attention with another dog and therefore is best placed as the only dog. He gets on fine with other dogs in general, it's just in the home that he gets jealous. In his former foster family this was corrected verbally and it was no problem.

Baltimore will go through fire for his owner, which why from the start you need to show clearly who is boss, who is the alpha male. Otherwise he will tend to take over in order to protect you.
Once it's clear who is the alpha male, you will have a dog in a million.

Sadly Balti cannot go back to his former foster family because there were problems with one of the other dogs.

Who can help us please?
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