November 02, 2015

This week ...


Our wonderful escorts at the airport. There they go, our doggies, set off on the first part of their journey to their forever homes!


Back at the Refugio, work continues on the renovation.

Cheerful colours to lift the spirits.


Busy. Busy. Busy.


                                      Danny hard at work.                    Kennels taking shape.

Fronske, the little rascal!

Happy puppies.

Jalina - getting better, little by little.

Ton and Janny already with us for 10 long years ...  Friends for ever 

Our Aiden with Lisa

Dear sweet Bertje, playing King of the Castle.

Fronske in the clinic for his castration operation.


Imelda and Mary exchanging ideas, with our Stewie lying on the table!

Two of our darling cats.

Mommy and her eleven puppies!

Kia with her daycare Dad....

... and her daycare Mum.

Bad weather causes problems.

More of our pussy cats - in their cat basket.

One of our many cuties. So, so sweet.

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