November 07, 2015

A surprise at Eindhoven ...

Last night, November 5th, more dogs arrived at Eindhoven. And there was a big surprise too. There stood Fabienne and Ton. It was such a pleasure to see them.

There were six dogs with them: Diona, Bikkel, Yoyo, Soul, Fronske and Hutch Jack, who I wrote about a few weeks ago. Such a joy to see them all adopted.

All the dogs were happy, even Soul who is actually quite scared. But he went off very obediently with his new owners.

Gr. Denise

For Denise, the flight supervisor there was a big surprise as Ton and Fabienne appeared at the gate. 

Bikkel meets his new family

Diona - home

Hutch Jack - from solitary confinement in a filthy room, to the comfort of a warm family

Handsom Yoyo and the first of my treats!

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