November 29, 2015

Our darling Cavalier

Cavalier, a sweet oldie, who would love to have a forever home now and a boss. He's one of our long stayers and it really is more than time that he had his own forever home and a warm basket. He is nine years old but fit and healthy and active. 

Cavalier is already in foster in the Netherlands, where you can visit him and appreciate what a lovely dog he is. He's gentle and affectionate boy. He is very friendly with people and all kinds of dogs - male and female, young and old. He loves to run and play and it would be really great if he could live with another greyhound who understands his way of playing. He's not into cats or rodents - Galgos are apt to chase small furry animals!

Cavalier is known as Raphael in his foster home. He enjoys long walks and will walk along beside the bike and doesn't pull on the lead. He can run loose in some areas but if something flies up or suddenly runs off - a bird say, or a squirrel - he will go after it. This is the nature of the Galgo. This sweet boy will happily amuse himself with a toy but otherwise is rather quiet in the house.

Please, who loves this wonderful breed? Who wants to give this sweet fellow a loving home for the rest of his days. The rewards will be immense. Take a look at this charming film of Cavalier/Raphael taken at his foster home in 2013.

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