November 29, 2015

Maruxa, Yako and Gusto (Samuel)


Two years ago Maruxa was found by ACE/ Shin by river with her nine small puppies. Maruxa and the puppies were taken into the shelter and thanks to good care of their Spanish daycare mom they all survived and made a good recovery. 

We adopted Maruxa last year and her pups also found good homes. The last son, Yako, lives not far from us, and today we took mommy Maruxa to Belgium again to meet Yako.

It was nice to see them run together through the woods and see them play. Our 2nd shin dog Gusto (formerly Samuel) got along well with Yako. All three are extremely beautiful, sweet, happy, healthy, super fit and very social dogs.

Thanks very much to all the staff of ACE/Shin for saving these babes and ensuring that we can enjoy them every day!


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