November 04, 2015


Stella, ... in 2015 her little life changed completely

Stella  deserved so much better than this.

It was a hot summer night, was very late when the bell rang. Who could this be at such an hour?
Because we were not right there at the gate, immediately, there was a sustained, impatient ringing of the bell.

Hang on, we''re coming.

A lady with bright red lipstick was at the gate with a girl of about 14, who looked at me with big eyes
"It is here where you take in cats", she asked? Then we got a detailed explanation of allergy and of it being an unsustainable situation so that the cat had to go now - today.

They had had Stella from day one, since 200, but somehow the allergy had only now reared its head and it was all the fault of the cat. Stella sat quietly in her carrier, eyeing us with her big blue eyes, totally oblivious to the situation, not realizing what was going on.

Then came another round of crocodile tears and pleas - we can visit her again, can't we. Can we call to see how she is doing ...?

Stella, stayed with us and it took months for the cat to come out of her den, .. she was so sad, so miserably sad that we were really worried about her. Of course there never was a phonecall  to ask how she was .. no sign of anyone.

Stella barely moved, ate almost nothing and was rapidly losing weight. They wanted with no more contact, she wanted nothing more. Her family.

Now it's a bit better and she resigned herself to the situation, but she needs to be back in a family, not to have to live in a shelter. She is so sweet and so easy .. a sweet lady, .. a quiet and docile nature, .. she was infinitely loyal to her owner, so much so that she she almost gave up living for missing them.

Our Stella

Such a sweet nature.

And so beautiful. A gorgeous, faithful, loving cat.

Please. Will you be my new family?

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