November 07, 2015

More wagging tails - arrivals Schiphol, November 4th

Irresistable Jero - he won't be in foster care long, we're sure

A hug from her loving new mistress.

On Wednesday two large dogs arrived. Each had had to fly in an individual cage of their own, because of their size.

First Jero, a handsome Boxer boy. His Belgian daycare mom drove all the way to the airport to pick him up. It won't be long before someone falls for him. More information and pictures can be found here.

Creme was then allowed out of her cage. She needed a moment to acclimatise herself, but she came out with a gently wagging tail to greet her new mistress. We'll never know what this sweet dog has been through but it won't have been good.

We'd love to see her progress - the weight she'll put on, her coat shining again. She has a beautiful life ahead of her on a farm, where there are some dogs already.

Beautiful gentle Creme

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