November 13, 2015

Kudos to all

Ton with a happy Diona and his new family

A message from Fabienne and Ton

We spent a few days in Belgium and the Netherlands for the annual meetings. Over and over again we are surpised at how many people, selfessly and with sincere love, throw themselves into helping these street dogs.

It is always heartwarming and gives us a boost to continue to go on for all of us but above all in the name of the many homeless voiceless dogs who, without us, would be mercilessly killed in the horrific death stations. Which Spain insists on keeping, despite much resistance.

Thank you to each volunteer, staff member, fan and friend and family, who have stayed with us, who  have always supported us through thick and thin. This year we are 15 years of age - 15 years!  We can count on fantastic volunteers and today I really want to put you in the limelight - without you we are nothing.

Thank you !!

Another happy little one

We are so grateful to all those families who have adopted our sweet dogs

Hutch Jack - one of the lucky ones, adopted straight away. He wasn't always lucky. He is now.

Homeward bound

Safe and warm

Two of our wonderful volunteers sort out the paperwork

Selfless volunteers are always on hand with help and advice

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