November 13, 2015

Queso meets his foster mama, Tanya.

Me and Tanya - we love each other very much

Hello everyone,

Do you remember me? My name is Queso. A few months ago I wrote the story of my arrival in my new home country: Belgium. Meanwhile I've now been here for five months. And I would like to introduce you to a very special person. Someone whose heart is in the right place. Someone who I will wear in my doggie heart for the rest of my life.

Meet Tanya.

Tanya was my "virtual foster mom" - my sponsor. When I was still in Spain, it was she who supported me financially and followed my progress closely. She did not know me, yet she gave pennies to me. How fantastic is that? As you can see, we have since then got to know each other in "real life". And there is great love between us.

When I arrived in my new family, we got an email from her. She asked so lovingly about me and how I was getting on in my new home that my mammy immediately replied to her email and sent her some pictures. And one thing led to another. We saw each other the first time, very briefly, on the Shin Day in Zoersel. But last week, we got to know each other properly when we went to the sea for a short break with my bosses and my two adopted sisters Molly and Wippie.

Tanya, who lives nearby, came to visit us one evening. What a sweetheart, this Tanya. She had a lot of "nice" presents for all three of us (sweets, how could we resist) and also a super cute "beaver-squeak-toy". We were all on Cloud 9, as you can see in the picture below. Everyone wanted to be with Tanya. Everyone wanted their moment of attention. It became quite intense. Everyone wanted to be cuddled. But I must say Tanya gave all three of us lots of attention.

Tanya with me and Mollie and Wippie - lots of hugs for all of us

As far as the three of us are concerned, Tanya can come and visit us often. And she does not really need to bring gifts every time. We are very satisfied with a big hug, each in turn. We are real hug magnets. Tanya has been tested by us and approved. She has a big place in everyone's heart.
Obviously we have also been on fine walks by the sea with our bosses. Dogs are now allowed on the beach and we found this fantastic. The dunes, the beach, the sea, and walks to visit Tanya. That's all I need to tell you to prove that we had a great holiday.

I shake your paw and I'll see you soon for further adventures


A walk on the beach - so exciting

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